About me...

Hm.. Often, people start theirs web page with some info about themselves and what the site will be about.
So.. lets start the same way, I, was born in Greece 1962, raised up in North Sweden and now my anchor lies in South Sweden in a city called Nyköping, only one hour drive south from the capitol Stockholm.
Between North (Ängesbyn) and South Sweden, (outside of Nykoping, a small place called Hacketorp), I had a few other places that I called home, and for a while over there in US, (Miami, FL and SLC in Utah).
Work and interest? I been lucky with, gun and computer related work the last ten-fifteen years. I been working with repair and building custom guns, handloading and shooting in competition, side by side with computer graphics and databases for guns, shooting and handloading and diving. Still working within the gun field but I also work (mostly in Norway) with building homes and offices and whatever comes my way that sounds interesting.

Family?, two wonderful kids a girl, Emily and a boy, Alexander and an easy going cat called Rosie (Sacred cat of Burma with sky blue eyes who sometimes help others to score more points in UT on my behalf )

Interests? Well beside Unreal Tournament havoc and reading a lots of books, I shoot, dive and paragliding when there is time :) Another change in my life is Ann, a nurse (called Nuc’Emma when shooting people on U.T, ), she and my cat is the rest of the gang at my home.

About the name Nuc'Em..Well, that's the name I use in the Unreal Tournament mayhem and it stands for Nuc them all.. and let their Gods sort 'em out.....
So..sit back, relax and browse on the menu and take a look, if you like what you see, come back again and please.. if you have anything constructive to tell me about this site do that


send me an email and i will read it...maybe

Nuc'Em Alexander Ann Emily Rosie
NucEm Alexander Ann Rosie