What is and who developed Unreal Tournament 2004 and

the soon to come latest 2007 version of it?

Digital Extremes (DE) based in London, Ontario, Canada, developed Unreal Tournament.
They, along with Epic Games of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA designed and created the original Unreal and Unreal Tournament. Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 has seen their partnership pay off again as the power of the Unreal Engine from Epic and the depth and design of game play from DE conspire to deliver the ultimate sports combat experience. I started to play Unreal a few years back so when the 2003 version was released I was one of the first to stand in line for buying the latest version :) And believe me, I was not, I repeat, NOT disappointed. Yes, I have tested a few other action games but nope!! UT 2003 and 2004 is my only choise :)

What makes this game better than all the others is all the people who put down some long hours to develop new maps, new guns and new mod's, people who build servers in the basement so I and others with me can visit them, kill them and (to often in my case) be killed by :) or just trying to steal a flag or why not kill some monsters that invaded our sorrow earth

The latest version Unreal Tournament 2004, includes some of the work other people put down to the 2003 version.

The next version is called UT2007/UT III and the pics and vids looks promising!

If you try to find me out there in the Ut2k4 servers, use my clan name and put me in your buddy list in your UT menu: [LXY]Nuc'Em.

Whats LXY for? Well you have to visit our clan site and read about it

Long time ago I and my [LXY]NucEmma started to play invasion in Sunshine's and Maniak's server, a wonderful and nice couple from Netherlands. Now take those two and a few more from that part of Europe, add a few Swedish players like [LXY]Kotty and [LXY]Flash and [LXY]Antti and top it with a bunch of peeps from GB (mostly from Yorkshire) and you end up with one of the most "have-fun" loving clans in the Ut2k4 community :) We play a lot of different mods for ut, testing everything and have a great fun under the way:)

We play in two servers, one located in Netherlands and its called [LXY]Maniak & Sunshine , lots of invasion in here

and the other one in Sweden: [LXY]-=Custom Instagib CTF - INVServe, mostly TAM but other gametypes as well, the ip number here changes often, find it in our forum

One of the oldest friends in UT is Apoptoid. You can find him in :


He is not only a player but also a map and skin maker for the UT-2k4, and also has a server of his own.
High quality skins and maps can be downloaded out there in the UT community but the best way is to make a visit to his site. Don’t skip the intro there; it’s worth the time :)

Our server has been down a lot last months, the LXY clan is a multigame clan. Most of the players are awaiting the next version so the LXY clan is in a kind of hibernating right now :)

My time in the game is now spent mostly on TDC Tam server or the FFM Tam server. Lots of fun players and some of them really old friends of mine.

This is FFM clan started up by Lil-Git from GB and Satijn and W@mpie from Nederlands.Fast and furious games in DM and TAM servers.Pay them a visit and be prepared to die... a lot!


The TDC tam server has the freon mode on, lots of fun and most of the players in there are on my own age too :) Most of the players are from the Nederlands but other countries are represented too.


Take a stroll in theirs forum and come and play with us, lots of screaming and taunting but foremost always fun!


Here is another server and the swedes dont need an explanation to the name apskaft :) Nice players, lots of swedes on it and fun games in VCTF. Pay them a visit to learn more.


The MPC name have you propably already seen on maps. X-files and Canadian Bitch who started MPC have 3 servers going. Sniping with super weapons are the name of the gamefor the two first.. The third and latest is a Jailbreak server. Lots of old friends in there, at back in time.



One of my oldest favorite server's for the old 2003 version in Unreal Tournament 2003 is

Slayeds Hell Awaits.

Slayed and Hottie, a nice couple from Pen. in US have created (with help from Darkmatter) a fun place to be.

Had a lot of fun there with players all over the globe.The loggos you seen are made by me for them long time ago :)