Handguns of today can be found in primarily 3 different types. Single shot pistols, from the .22 LR cartridges and up to

include some big African hunting ones. Semi auto pistols and revolvers are the other two types .
The Single shot of today is for competition and hunting use, the semi and revolvers can (with the right caliber) be used for

everything including competition, self defence and hunting. All three types can be used for competition and hunting but only

the last two for self defence. Self defence I now to little about it so I leave that to the pros to guide you, in here we gonna

take a look at competition and hunting guns. What cartridge you are to choose from for your gun? It doesn’t matter if it is a

wildcat, an old and rare one or one that’s expensive to buy over the counter. If you handload you can choose from all of

them as long as cases and bullets can be bought or reformed from others.
The single shots are easiest to handload for and you are less restricted when it comes to cartridge length and bullet choice

. The semi autos have limitations cause the use a magazine and for the revolvers, one has to think of the cartridge length

and recoil.
A lot of rifle cartridges are chambered in single shots, that and all the wildcat ones makes it harder to choose from. All

centerfire cartridges from the .17 and up to include cal .50 has been or are still chambered for single shots.

Let’s take a look at a few from the different ones we discussed:

Single shot

What about a cal .50 BMG pistol? I wonder if one has to wear fireproofed clothes to use it

Not usefull but fun to test it! :)


SSK Encore gun built for

Cape Buffalo :) JD Jones with his company SSK build custom guns for handgunhunters and longrangeshooters.

From pappertarget punching to biggame hunting in Africa.



The TC guns (here one custom made by SSK) can be used as a rifle too. Just change the pistolgrip to the rifle

version and presto...........

Single shots pistols in cal 22 LR are also used for olympic target shooting, distance 50 meter,

Here you can see a Morini made one.

Morinin Free Pistol

Semi autos

CZ 75 for IPSC action. The cZ75 handgun is a milestone, just take a look out there and cee how many companies

copy the design of it.

Desert Eagle in cal .50AE The guns from IMI always look big and nice in movies, one of the few bigbore pistols but for

the handloader, keep the leadbullets out of it. Its gasoperated and would suffer from lead use.

Glock mod 35 in cal .40 The glock is one of the first to use polymertecknology in guns.

S&W are mostly a revolvermaker, one of the oldest but a few good pistols have found he way out to the customers also .

For target shooting, its hard to beat a European made pistol like this Walter made one:


Walther  KSP200


Ruger guns

Ruger revolers, both single and double action are priceworthy, durable and comes in a lot of differnce calibers and modells.

S&W 629

S&W mod 629, the original one ( model 29) was made famous by C. Eastwood in his Dirty Harry movies.

USFA SA revolver

USFA Single action gun, high quality production of a gun with roots back in 1873.