The tools of the trade

First of all, before we enter the tool discussion you have to find a place in your home where you can use the tools for reloading. The press must be bolted to a heavy table it’s a must that it’s sturdy and not move when working the handle of the press. If you are lucky and have space in your home so you can leave all tools in the open its perfect, otherwise you need to put them away after yours loading session.


After you find a place to work with reloading lets look on yours needs. First is a good handloading manual. If you want to buy two or more do it.Writers differs and so will theirs work, learn as much as you can. More "must have" things are: A reloading press and the reloading dies for the calibre you want to reload and a powder scale.

Reloading presses from Lyman

Reloading dies and shellholders.

Powder scales .

Powder measure or just a powder funnel to put the powder in the case Those are what you absolutely must have, the press, the dies and shell holder for yours calibre, the powder scale and a powder measure or a funnel.