About priming and powder tools.

Most of the presses come with tolls in them to put a new primer in place of the spent one. I use them on progressive presses but when loading ammo in single stage I prefer another priming tool than the press have. Why? I need to feel the primer go in, in that way I know it seats ok and if it goes too lightly or to heavy. You need the same force when seating the primer or the bullet every time so you know if one case is too used or to wide/tight, differences in the force you use will show up in the target of yours.

Empty a box of primers in the tray, use the same shell holder for yours cases and start priming, the feel of it will come soon. You will be able to feel a bad case and with bad I meant a different one from the rest.

Tools for the powder, you need to know how much and a way to dispense it in the case.


The powder scale and the powder measure are must have tools. A trickler that gives you one grain powder at a time can be useful and of course a funnel, use an aluminium one if possible for the static electricity problems.

This powder measure is from Lyman (no 55) old in design and mine is probably made in around 1960. It works well and I like the settings in it. One tends to love a thing that works year after year without a problem :)
The powder scale must be a good one; you must trust it and learn how to use it. Don’t matter if it’s an ordinary balance type or digital one.

If you want to save money do it on other things, don’t it when buying a powder scale and read the instruction, learn how to use it well.

That green tool is useful to add powder in the powder scale pan in minimum amounts.


More to come, stay tuned......