Welcome to the NSTL information page!


What is the NSTL program and who have use for it?

NSTL is a program for the shooters and handloaders. Information about cartridges, loading data and your own place to store the loadings you want to save.

It is a program not only for advanced reloaders but also the new ones and it also caontains loads of information for the non-handloader. Both for rifle and pistol shooters.

The complete cartridge list over all the different ones you can see in NSTL is on the bottom of this page.


What you can found inside NSTL.


First in there is your own loaddata base. In that you can save all the different loads you want and the program calculates the US to metric numbers.

Everything is saved in an easy to use part of the program and it makes easy for you to browse through them. A place to write down your own notes for you, both before and after the testing trpp to the shooting range.

When you give the NSTL program information about the gun and the load it gives you back information about the power of your cartridge, the recoil energy, recoil velocity and more. It also calculates the load and gives you numbers both for the J. Taylor Konock Out, K.O. formula and E. Matunas Optimal Game Weight, O.G.W..

Every time you write a new load in it it gives you the ID, a nunic number for that load that you can write on the cartridge box of yours.

What more in it? All the Hodgdon, Norma, IMR, Vihtavuori and Winchester loadtables can be found in here too with a cartridge pic and a bit of history for each.


Browse in them, found the loading you want and write down that one in your own loaddata with yours case, primer or whatever.

Take a look on the layout of "My own loaddata " and "Show List " for it in the NSTL program.


Here is Hodgdon loads, IMR loads, Norma loads and Winchester loads. This picture shows them all, inklusive the Show list layout but in the program you can only have your own loads window and one of the factory loaddata bases. You can ofcourse change it fast with a click on the buttons on the top menu.


For the navigation you have two different menus, the one on top opens up all the factory load data, one at a time, and of course your own load section.

The menu on the bottom helps you navigate in the NSTL part you are in.The Help button opens upp the help pages on your browser. If not conected to the net, you can open the same pages from your CD for the NSTL program.

The installation takes only a few seconds and it creates a shortcut so you can easily start up your NSTL.

We are here to support you and not only on questions about the NSTL but also about reloading as well. If we cant answer your question, be sure that we will advise you to the right place where you canbe helped. Read our pages in here about handloading (you find them on the menu, top of this page).



Here comes the complete list on all cartridges you find information and loadtables for in the NSTL program.

Latest Hodgdon loads for both rifle and handgun cartridges.

I.M.R.loads for all the rifle/handgun cartridges...............................

Norma rifle loads for over 73 different cartridges...........................

Vihtavuori rifle loads for over 51 different cartridges.......................

Vihtavuori loads for 29 different pistol/revolver cartridges...............

Winchester loads for over 59 different rifle cartridgesr....................

Winchester loads for 32 different pistol/revolver cartridges.............

We hope that The NSTL will be of help for you when handloading and we see forward to hear from you, help us to make it better in future versions of it.


How much will it cost you? How and when can you order it?

It will be released in the near future and it will set you back 37$ US and that includes postage and handling etc.

Are you interested? come back in here, you can order it online soon or just send me a few lines in e-mail and i will contact you asap about the delivery time. NSTL INFO

Other products are under work (A new loading press, (NRAP) made of high quality Swedish steel only and adjustable from .25 ACP to the big .50 BMG cartridge) but more of that later on :)