Om NucEm-vapen och ammunition...

About me and Guns

I love I have to say more? Iv shoot them, I worked on them and tried to teach others about it. Guns and ammo have I been involved in one way or another for at least 15-20 years now..
I been lucky with work, gun and computer related work the last ten-fifteen years. I been working with repair and building custom guns, handloading and shooting in competition, side by side with computer graphics and databases for guns, shooting and handloading. I am the technical editor for the TCRG (The Complete (reloaders Guide),
a cd product complete with reloading school and a huge database with loads for dif. cartridges. Big words? Well it was the first one on the market and had more than 65 0000 different loads for a lot (almost all) of long gun cartridges and handguns.

A new one (updated, bigger and better) is out now and called TCRG-2005. More info and where to buy the new TCRG can be found here: or here:

375 JDJ

Me and lots of cartridges to test for velocity and spread in a SSK Handcanons Industry made .375 JDJ and yes, the fore grip is gone thanks to that stiff recoil! Larry Kelly (the only handgunner to ever have been inducted in the Safari Club Hall of Fame) is fond of saying, "The .375 JDJ certainly solves a lot of problems." It also gives you a few new ones, like flying fore grips, sore hands, etc an automatic gearbox in the car would be nice to have after 40 or more rounds with that gun or the 460 Weatherby for that matter!